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Diseases & Therapies

Octapharma’s commitment to patient care started right from the very beginning. We have a history of setting the benchmark for product and patient safety and were the first manufacturer to apply the solvent/detergent (S/D) viral inactivation process to production. We are committed to developing innovative products which help improve patient quality of life.


Coagulation factors (Factor VIII and Factor IX concentrates) used to treat blood-clotting disorders like haemophilia and von Willebrand Disease.

Immunoglobulins (antibodies) used to treat immune illnesses and deficiencies (either hereditary or induced by other conditions, such as cancer), as well as to prevent rhesus incompatibility in pregnancies.

Plasma and blood proteins used to stabilise blood circulation, restore coagulation function, and prevent shock, e.g., for heavy burns, injuries and in surgery.