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The underlying principle of Octapharma’s R&D is the development of therapies to treat diseases within our three therapeutic areas. These therapies are based on human proteins either purified from human plasma or produced by recombinant technologies applied to human cell lines.


Developing novel plasma-derived therapeutic protein products and supporting life-cycle management (LCM) activities for the product portfolio, focusing on key regulatory, production and marketing areas.



Dedicated to the development of therapeutic human recombinant products produced in cultured human cells.

Octapharma’s biopharmaceuticals are developed through a series of prospective clinical trials, which assess their safety and efficacy by applying high scientific standards.

Planning, coordinating and performing all processes associated with the licensing of Octapharma’s biopharmaceutical products in different countries throughout the globe.

The development and market approval of a new drug is a very costly, complex activity that requires the proper coordination of many functions within our company.