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Who is Octapharma?

Octapharma is a privately owned company that specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of high-quality human proteins derived from human plasma for use as pharmaceuticals and medical treatments. Headquartered in Lachen, Switzerland, Octapharma’s mission is "for the safe and optimal use of human proteins". Since its foundation in 1983, Octapharma has become one of the key manufacturers in the global plasma industry. The organization was founded on the principal of enhancing the lives of patients across the world. Click here for more on who we are.

What differentiates Octapharma from other plasma companies?

Octapharma is an independent private company with a high degree of flexibility and specialization. Focusing exclusively on human protein products, we have achieved a number of innovations over 30 years: the first company to apply the solvent detergent (SD) virus inactivation method to routine production; the first company to launch high-purity, virus inactivated Factor VIII and Factor IX concentrates; the first company to launch a liquid immunoglobulin preparation; the first company to launch virus-inactivated plasma for transfusion.

What products are in the Octapharma portfolio?

The Octapharma mission “for the safe and optimal use of human proteins” conveys the company’s focus and dedication to a specialized portfolio of products. These products derived from human plasma and human proteins, are categorized into three therapeutic areas, please click on these to access more information:

From where does Octapharma source its plasma?

Octapharma obtains plasma as raw material for its products exclusively from carefully selected and approved plasma donation centres and owns and operates centres in the United States and Germany. Click here to view the global plasma centre map.

Where are Octapharma´s manufacturing facilities located?

Octapharma owns production plants in Vienna, Austria; Lingolsheim, France; Springe, Germany; Stockholm, Sweden; and Mexico City, Mexico. A sixth plant in Dessau, Germany for packaging. Click here to find out more about Octapharma’s Production Plants.

Where are the research centres of Octapharma located?

Octapharma’s research centres are located in Europe. The R&D Plasma Group consists of R&D Plasma in Vienna, Austria; Virus & Prion Validation in Frankfurt, Germany; and Molecular Biochemistry in Berlin, Germany. The R&D Recombinant Group is located in Heidelberg, Germany. Octapharma’s Clinical R&D Haematology is located in Lachen, Switzerland. Clinical R&D Immunology and Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine is located in Vienna, Austria. Click here to find out more about Octapharma Innovation.

What is the focus of Octapharma´s R&D?

Since its establishment, Octapharma has continuously developed ever-more sophisticated technologies to satisfy unmet patient needs. The underlying principle for Octapharma’s R&D is the development of therapies to treat diseases within our three therapeutic areas. These therapies will be based on human proteins, either purified from human plasma or produced by recombinant technologies applied to human cell lines.

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