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Wolfgang Marguerre
Chairman Octapharma Group

“Octapharma was founded on the principle of enhancing patient safety. Being privately owned allows us to preserve our fundamental principles without compromise.”

Frederic Marguerre
Shareholders’ Representative, 
President Octapharma Plasma Inc.USA

“Our core value of nurturing a healthy organization with proud and talented employees becomes increasingly more important as the company grows.”

Tobias Marguerre
Managing Director Octapharma

Nordic AB

“We must maintain our entrepreneurial spirit, whilst ensuring we have the right processes to provide the right information at the right time.”

Roger Mächler
Chief Financial Officer

“Octapharma’s strong financial position and year on year growth allows for intelligent and well chosen investments into innovation and production. These investments ultimately strengthen our product offering and drive us forward in achieving our ambitious strategic goals.”

Wolfgang Frenzel
Research and Development

“With a strong R&D team we are proud to provide excellent scientific and clinical expertise in our key areas Haematology, Critical Care and Immunotherapy within Octapharma and to the healthcare community. Our pipeline both for plasma and recombinant products ensures short, mid and long-term continuation of new product developments. R&D’s vision is to work with a goal oriented focus and combine individual expertise with team spirit to optimize development timelines, provide high quality data, and ultimately fulfil global patient needs.”

Norbert Müller
Board Member 

“Octapharma’s patient centred approach is the essence of Octapharma and the foundation of our identity. Our mission of improving patients’ quality of life is the best motivation to collaborate in striving for excellence in quality. Octapharma has assumed this important responsibility which reminds us every day of the importance of our work.”

Flemming Nielsen
President Octapharma USA Inc.

“Our aim is to provide Octapharma’s complete product portfolio to US healthcare professionals, offering more patients access to our life enhancing and life saving therapies.”

Gerold Rempeters
Corporate Production Officer

“Significant investments in our production facilities are focused on increasing capacity and plasma throughput allowing us to make a reality our ambitious production goals for 2017 and beyond. This will allow us to meet the global demand for human proteins now and in the future.”

Matt Riordan
Board Member

“The board recognizes that our greatest asset is our employees. Only by all of us working together in a focused and disciplined way, can we hope to achieve our corporate goals. Each and every one of us has our own unique role to play.”

Judy Smith
Chief Operating Officer (Octapharma Plasma Inc.) & Board Member (Octapharma Group)

“It is an honor to be part of such an extraordinary team. Plasma is an integral part of the entire process of supplying sufficient product to the market place in order to develop and service our patients’ needs.”

Olaf Walter
Board Member

“The International Business Units have developed significantly over the past few years. I’m proud of the results that the IBU’s have accomplished so far and I’m hoping that the three teams from haematology, immunotherapy, and critical care will develop even stronger ties to the markets in the future.”

Josef Weinberger
Corporate Quality and Compliance Officer

“To guarantee the quality and safety of all raw materials and final products is the prerequisite to comply with the expectation of our patients, our healthcare professionals and the rigorous requirements of industry regulators.”